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Achieve Clear Vision Without Glasses or Contact Lenses

If you need glasses or wear contact lenses, you may have considered laser eye surgery at some point. But is it right for you? And what are the risks? 

Get the answers you need during a laser eye surgery consultation at our clinic. Although there are many types of corrective eye surgery available, we offer consultations and referrals for LASIK and refractive lens exchange

What Is LASIK?

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, which you may know as LASIK, reshapes the cornea to correct refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism

During the procedure, the ophthalmologist creates a small flap in the cornea and reshapes the tissue underneath using an excimer laser. The flap is then replaced and left to heal on its own. 

LASIK has been around for decades and is generally safe and effective. While more than 95% of patients achieve their desired vision, there are some complications, including: 

  • Damage or complications to the flap created during surgery
  • Dry eyes
  • Changes to vision, including double vision or halos
  • Under or overcorrection of refractive error

What Is Refractive Lens Exchange?

Refractive lens exchange (RLE) involves replacing the eye’s natural lens with a prescription artificial lens. While RLE is traditionally performed during cataract surgery, it’s becoming more popular to correct refractive errors in patients even without cataracts

Risks associated with the surgery are rare but include: 

Pre and Postoperative Care

Corrective surgeries aren’t performed at our clinic, but we will refer you to a trusted ophthalmologist who does the procedure. But, first and foremost, you are our patient, and we will be with you throughout the process. 

During the consultation, we perform a thorough eye examination to test if you are an appropriate candidate for the surgery. This exam includes: 

We’ll also counsel you on the corrective surgery options and discuss the various pros and cons of each to help you choose which one will be best.  

Your health and happiness are our priority, so we want to ensure the benefits of your chosen corrective surgery outweigh the risks. Some factors that may affect your candidacy for surgery include: 

  • Unstable vision or eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions during the past 2 years
  • History of corneal disease
  • Current ocular diseases or conditions that increase risks of surgery
  • Significant dry eyes
  • Pregnancy or nursing

All findings discovered during your consultation will be forwarded to your surgeon. You’ll then be scheduled for a pre-surgery consultation with them. 

We manage all your postoperative care at our clinic, including follow-up examinations. You’ll need regular monitoring to ensure your eyes are healing properly and your vision remains clear and comfortable. In some cases, you may still require eyewear after the procedure.

Which Surgery Should You Choose?

The best way to determine which surgery is best for you is to undergo a thorough laser eye surgery consultation and eye exam with one of our optometrists.  

We aim to ensure you’re fully aware of the process and risks involved. We are happy to discuss your options and answer any questions or concerns you may have, so please book your consultation today!

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