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At Shelburne Optometry, we have a variety of in-office treatments to help reduce the symptoms of your dry eye. Our advanced technology can precisely target and treat the cause.

Coming in for a comprehensive eye exam can assess the cause of your dry eyes and provide appropriate treatment.

Dry Eyes

Dry eye occurs when your eyes aren’t producing enough tears, or the tears you do produce don’t have the proper composition. Dry eyes can be chronic, so there’s no cure. But symptoms can be effectively managed through a wide range of treatments.

Your treatment will depend on the customized plan you and your optometrist design together. Treatment will focus on your unique situation and symptoms. We also offer various dry eye products to soothe your symptoms.

In-Office Treatments for Dry Eyes & Blepharitis

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No two eyes are the same, and our treatment options reflect that. The team at Shelburne Optometry will tailor a treatment plan unique to your needs. 

Live life in comfort. Book an appointment for a comprehensive assessment and see the difference quality care and advanced technology can make.

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You can find our office at 802 Main Street East, Unit #7, in Shelburne, Ontario. We’re located in the strip mall off Dufferin Road 124 and Highway 10, beside the Tim Hortons.

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