Wear& care tips

If you wear prescribed contact lenses, your optometrist must have taken you through a detailed training and instruction as part of the contact lens fitting program. The information we have provided below on contact wear and care, should only act as a supplement to your training.

How You Should Insert Your Lenses

  • Always wash your hands with a mild soap before handling your contact lenses. Rinse your hands thoroughly, and dry with a lint free towel, as wet fingers can flatten out a soft lens
  • Only use your finger tips and never the fingernails when handling your lenses
  • When fitting the contacts near a sink, first close the drain
  • Learn to always start inserting the same lens; whether the right or left, to avoid mixing them up

Before you insert:

  • Place your contact lens and storage fluid from its case into the palm of your hand
  • Look out for deposits, particles or tears on the lens
  • Place the lens on your dry forefinger, with the cup side facing upwards

To test the lens:

  • A lens that is right side out appears almost straight up. If it’s inside out, the edges of the lens tend to flare out slightly.
  • Alternatively, place the lens on the crack in your palm. Flex the lens by cupping your hand slightly. If your lens edge is inside out, reverse it. An edge which curls inwards is correct, and the one that curls outwards is inside out.

To insert your lenses:

  • Hold your upper lashes and eyelid gently to avoid blinking
  • Use your middle finger to pull the bottom lid downwards
  • Look up to expose the white part of your eye and gently place your lens on this part. Alternatively, you can also look straight ahead instead of looking up, and place the lens at the centre of your eye

After inserting:

  • Let go of your bottom eyelid first, followed by the upper lid
  • To position your lens properly, look down and close your eyes for a few seconds
  • In case you experience blurry vision or your lenses feel dry, just apply one or two drops of the eye drops
  • Follow the same procedure when inserting the other contact lens.

How You Should Remove Your Lenses

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before removing your lenses and close drains if you’re near the sink
  • Look upwards as far as you can. Your head should be straight
  • Pull your eyelid down using your middle finger
  • Using the tip of your index finger, touch the lower edge of your lens and slide the lens down to the white part of your eye
  • While holding the same position,take out the lens from your eye
  • In case you experience problems during removal, apply a few eye drops in your eye and wait a few minutes before trying to remove it again
  • Follow the same procedure when removing your other lens

Follow Professional Advice

You should only wear your contact lenses for the recommended amount of time, and not exceeding that. Additionally, remove and disinfect whenever necessary and do not sleep or nap while wearing your lenses.  Ensure that you visit your optometrist at regular intervals and don’t use unprescribed eye medication.

If you have to use eye cosmetics, go for water based products. Only apply after inserting your lenses, and remove the products after taking out your lenses.

Close your bottles tightly to protect them from contamination, and avoid re-using solutions or expired products. Protect your lenses from coming into contact with tap water and always dispose replacement lenses after the wearing period.

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