Teens & Contacts

Do you feel that there is so much expected out of you in your teenage years? The pressure to get good grades, be excellent in sports, play an instrument and have a part time job at the same time? There is also the social pressure that you have to conform to; look cool and have a clique of friends.

As a teenager, all that pressure can make life seem a little harder. But what if you woke up one day and couldn’t make out what’s on the blackboard, or even view objects clearly? The thought of wearing glasses can freak you out because you will no longer be the cool teenager.

Well, you can now try contact lenses. They are a perfect fit for a teenager, especially if you don’t consider glasses as fashionable. Most parents are against the contact lens idea. However, what they may not know is contacts today are more comfortable, and easier to care for.

Moreover, there is a variety of contact lenses you can choose from, depending on your vision problem. They range from disposable contacts, to toric lenses designed for people with astigmatism. You can be sure that there are contacts for each individual need.

When Can You Begin Wearing Contact Lenses?

Only your eye doctor can determine when you can start wearing your contact lenses. If you start experiencing eye vision problems, consult your optometrist immediately.

Did you know that pre-teens can handle contact lenses just as well as teenagers? This is according to a 3 year study, which was conducted by Indiana University School of Optometry. Children aged 11 to 13 years were able to handle contacts, and understand their lens care systems.

What Are The Advantages Of Contact Lenses Over Eyeglasses?

If you are an active teenager, we recommend wearing contact lenses especially for your outdoors activities. Reason being, glasses tend to get in the way, when you are engaging in various sports, exercising or cheerleading.

With contacts, you will not have to worry about steam or glasses sliding down your nose. Moreover, there are no rims to interfere with your peripheral or side vision.

Contact Lenses FAQ’s

  • Are teen eyes mature enough for contact lenses?

Optometrists agree that most eyes are developed enough for contacts, even by the age of 11. Only an eye exam can confirm whether contacts are suitable or not.

  • Do contacts fall out a lot?

Only hard lenses tend to fall out. Today, there are soft lenses which have been designed to take the shape of the eye. Since they are larger in diameter and are tucked under the eyelid, they cannot move out of place or fall out. Soft lenses are also more stable that eye glasses, especially for teens active in sports.

  • Are contact lenses expensive?

No! The price of most contacts is comparable to the price of an average pair of glasses.

  • Are contacts hard to care for?

With modern advancements, eye doctors have designed an easy lens care system, which is quick to use.

  • Are contacts safe to wear for sports?

Yes! You can wear your contact lenses for all sports, except water sports. Contacts cannot be broken off, and they are designed with an ability to provide unobstructed vision.

Ask your parents to make an appointment for you with an eye doctor, who will assess your ability of wearing contact lenses and recommend the right fit.

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