Lens care solutions

Once you are fitted with your contact lenses, your eye doctor will give instructions for cleaning and disinfecting. This is vital because wearing disinfected contacts can cause harm to your eyes. Thus, there is a specific lens care system you are required to follow. This includes the products you will use to clean and disinfect your contacts.

There are different lens care systems, which use different types of chemicals. As such, we do not recommend mixing or using solutions from other systems. This can lead to eye discomfort, discoloration of lenses or eye injury.

Soft Contact Lens Care System

Your lens care system package will mostly include products that perform about six different functions. There are systems that combine two or more functions, whereas their systems tend to separate these functions.

Keep in mind that these functions are dependent on the lens regimen. Your optometrists will discuss your vision requirements as part of the contact lens training program.

The functions performed by the soft lens care system are:

Daily Cleaning

The products are designed to remove the debris that tends to accumulate loosely on your soft lens. Cleaning is essential because when the debris accumulates, it makes your lenses quite uncomfortable. Moreover, the debris also interferes with your vision and reduces the effectiveness of a disinfecting solution to kill harmful bacteria and viruses on the lens.


Rinsing and Storing

This may be achieved using an ophthalmic isotonic saline solution or specific types of disinfecting solutions. Consult your eye doctor before using a saline solution, since most are not suitable for use when storing lenses. Reason being, they do not prevent growth of microorganisms, neither do they contain anything to kill.

We recommend using comfort or lubricating drops when in low humidity areas. The drops provide refreshment for dry eyes, and enhances comfort throughout the day.

Protein Removal

Products in this category are designed to remove stubborn protein deposits. In addition to this, they help with daily cleaning and disinfection, leaving you with a fresh and clean contact lens surface.

This process is not necessarily required for planned replacement lenses, since they are replaced before the protein deposits begin causing problems.

Rigid Gas Permeable (RPG) Contact Lens Care System

Optometrists recommend cleaning and disinfecting your RPG lenses regularly to enhance their safety and comfort.

The products which are included in this system are designed to perform various functions. These include:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Rinsing
  • Removing protein deposits
  • Re-wetting dry  eyes

If you have RPG lenses, it’s of utmost importance that you only use the products specially formulated for the lenses. This is because, these products are made with disinfectants and preservatives, which have been proven to work best with RPG contact lenses.

Would you like to change your lens care system or try out a new lens care product? Ensure that you first discuss your concerns with your eye doctor before making any decision.

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