TV & Vision

Did you know that you are more likely to strain your eyes when reading or sewing, that when watching TV? According to various eye experts, watching television will rarely harm your eyes, as long as the room is well lit and you observe a few viewing  tips.

You should always position your TV approximately at eye level, and in a way that allows you to avoid any glare and reflection from windows, lamps or other bright sources. Additionally, you should ensure that your TV’s brightness and contrast is well adjusted to provide you with maximum comfort and less strain to your eyes when viewing.

Eye care experts agree that staring at the TV for lengthy periods of times may cause strain to your eyes. When viewing, you can briefly focus on other objects in the room or out of the window.  Moreover, you should always wear your prescribed lenses, in case of vision problems.

What Are The Best Conditions For TV Viewing?

Any TV related activities should be conducted in a well-lit room, with neutral surroundings. There should be no excessive or strongly colored lighting especially where there is a possibility of glare or reflections near the screen.

Can I Watch TV in A Dark Room?

Eye care experts agree that this is not an ideal environment since there is a great contrast between the television screen and your surroundings. This limits efficient vision. When viewing TV in a softly lit room, you should strive to minimize any undesirable contrast.

When it comes to adjusting the lighting, it’s far much better to adapt to your TV’s brightness than the room’s brightness, which means that if need be, you may need to adjust the room’s lighting.

Is It All Right To Wear Sunglasses While Watching TV?

This is not recommended as sunglasses tend to shut out too much light, which can affect your vision causing you to strain. Sunglasses make it hard for you to adapt to normal light levels as promptly as you should.

Prescribed light lenses are a much better option if you are bothered by brightness when watching television.

Are There Any Possible Difficulties Associated With TV Viewing?

Yes! There are various problems that eye care experts associate with TV and vision.

For instance, you might have noticed that children tend to sit to close to the TV set when viewing. While this is not recommended, it does not cause any harm to their vision.  However, you should train them to watch TV from a distance, of at least 5 times the width of the picture.

If your kids still insist on sitting too close, they may be experiencing some vision problems, and you should consult an optometrist immediately.

Adults, especially those over the age of 50 may experience some discomfort when watching TV, followed by watering of the eyes. This indicates a problem that needs immediate attention, and an optometrist may prescribe special glasses to relive the discomfort.

When it comes to viewing by people with color vision deficiencies, you may be surprised to note that most are not bothered by color adjustments when watching TV, especially if it’s properly adjusted.

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